the things we carry.

For a documentary class I am currently taking, I enlisted the help of some friends to create a project for the end of the term. The theme I decided to explore was "the things we carry." It was really cool to see not only the different things that people carry around with them, but to also learn the reasons why. I found a lot of variety in the answers as well.

Hannah carries around a necklace that represents Seattle, where she is from. Though she lives in Utah now, she wouldn't say she's proud of Utah, but has a flamboyant Seattle attitude where she still roots for the Supersonics even though they aren't a thing anymore and roots for the Mariners even though they lose every game. It's a part of her that she carries always.

Hannah's husband, Dick, carries a picture of her with him always. It's worn and tattered but that just adds to its character in my opinion. He carries it for two reasons- equal parts because it's his wife and she's beautiful, equal parts because it's an old picture and she hates it.

Romney loves his Jambox. He's always the life of the party, and with that little speaker he can literally bring the party wherever he goes. It plays his music loud and powerful, just how he likes it.

Stephen carries around an engraved guitar pick I got him for our first Valentine's Day together. It makes me happy to see it still on his keychain after all this time. He knows how much music means to me, so by giving that to him it made him realize just how much I cared about him.

Alex & Laura both carry around pocket knives (Alex actually has a specific one for specific events.) Growing up, Alex was always the guy that wanted to protect the ones he loves. It's in his nature. Carrying around a pocket knife lets him continue to be that guy, to have people's backs anytime from when they need help opening something to if they find themselves in physical danger. He brought one home for Laura one day and told her, "this is your pocket knife, and I'd really like for you to carry it with you." She thought it was weird at first, but now feels more weird without it!

Rachelle was living in a basement apartment, which isn't the best home for a dog. They need space, light and attention. She made the hard choice to give her small dog, Charlee, to a loving home who could give her all the things she needs. Knowing that she's happy helps, but doesn't negate the fact that she misses her, and Rachelle keeps her dog tag as a reminder of that.

Suzanne is 8 months pregnant, and so she carries her baby boy with her at all times, along with all of the wonderful things that come along with pregnancy.

Being pregnant also means that you're hungry all the time, so Suzanne is always sure to carry a healthy snack with her, too.

I'd be a hypocrite if I expected all these people to welcome me into their homes to interview and photograph them, without being willing to do the same myself. Back home in southern California, we have lots of Indian reservations and a lot of Native American stores. One time while shopping there, my best friend Kat and I bought these moccasin keychains. I carry mine around as a reminder of not only one of my best friends, but of the whole idea of home.

Thank you to everyone who opened up to me and helped me finalize my semester project!