Friendly Strangers

Today I took a drive through the Alpine Loop with this adorable girl so that she could shoot her first roll of color film on her Holga camera. At one point, we left my car to go climb up a hill and take some pictures. As we were walking back down, a park ranger had pulled up in her truck behind us. "I'm going to have to give you a citation," she said. "But only for the same fee that you'd normally pay to park." I apologized and told her that was fine, I was so sorry, we just stepped away to take some pictures. She told me she would just leave the citation on my car and we could carry on, but I explained that we were already done and about to be on our way. As I stood there waiting, she said, "You know what, never mind. My intuition tells me not to give you a citation." I assured her it was totally fine, it was my mistake and would only be like $5 anyways. She just told me, "You're way too nice, I can't give it to you." After I thanked her, she drove off. And I was just left there feeling very warm and fuzzy. It was an awesome close to an even better adventure with my sister. When somebody goes out of their way to be kind to you, it can make your whole day.