Daurelah + Devin | Memory Grove - Salt Lake City, UT Couples Photographer

When I met with Daurelah & Devin at Memory Grove Park in downtown Salt Lake, it was pretty dang cold! We took our minds off the cold by laughing the whole time. Laughing is my favorite part about being a couples photographer! The way that people in love interact with one another can be so much fun. But don't take my word for it-- here are some pictures from our session that show what I mean!

Timmy the Teeth | American Fork Musical Artist Photographer

A couple of weekends ago, I was able to help out as a photographer and shoot behind-the-scenes at a music video for local artist Timmy the Teeth at his home in American Fork, UT. The video was directed by my talented mentor, Duston Todd, and was very intimate, candid and cool-- just my style. Here are some of my favorite images I grabbed of Timmy & his sweet little family.

Mackenzie + Phil | Kalab Space - Salt Lake City Lifestyle Photographer

As a lifestyle photographer, I was eager to shoot fellow photographer and videographer due Mackenzie and Phil, and their adorable pup, Bruce. We met at a new studio in Salt Lake called Kalab Space for an indoor session, "family photos" style! Having two dogs ourselves, my husband Stephen & I understand how dogs can really feel like your kids and these guys totally agree! We threw on some tunes, joked and played around the whole time-- it was a blast! Here are some of my favorites.

Susan + Isai | The Gateway - Salt Lake City, UT Engagement Photographer

On a snowy Saturday, we were practically the only ones at The Gateway in downtown Salt Lake City. Ever since City Creek mall opened up, The Gateway has not seen much traffic, and for our purposes, we were just fine with that! Susan is a professional model and she & her boyfriend Isai were kind enough to let me take mock engagement photos of them, for an assignment at the university where I'm finishing up my degree. We took a more playful approach and just had fun with it, and here is what we got!

Ryan Rostrom- Samurai Guitarist

A few weeks ago, I was approached about shooting some imagery for a local independent music magazine based out of Park City, Scorpius. I worked with Ryan Rostrom, a local guitarist who grew up in Japan (thus earning the nickname Samurai Guitarist) and now lives and plays here in Utah County. I shot a series of images of him that reflect who he is as an artist. He's a very down-to-earth guy and was a blast to work with! Here are a few of my favorite shots.